Two Days Until the Curtain is Up.

Mysteryman Unmasked By Livio Ramondelli (Transformers Autocracy)

We are two days away from the official release of Mysteryman: All About Eve. The support I have received for the book has been unbelievable and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Don’t forget to check the RETAILERS page to see where you can get your copy of the book.

Today’s pin up is by Transformers Autocracy artist Livio Ramondelli. I have always been a fan of battle damaged variants of action figures. For this piece I wanted to show a Mysteryman who was unmasked and looking a little worse for wear and Livio delivered that in spades.

Keep checking back as we will have a very special pin up on Wednesday to celebrate the book’s release.

Countdown to Mysteryman: All About Eve…Mysteryman Pin Ups

Mysteryman has been an idea that had been brewing in my brain for almost four years. In that time I was very fortunate enough to have some of the best artists in the business do pin ups of Jack Mason’s masked persona. As we countdown to the books release I thought I would share some of these amazing sketches, for no other reason than they all look amazing. I will also include a link to the respective artists websites, which you should all take a moment to check out. And keep checking back as more pin ups will be added.


Mysteryman Character Study by Jonathan Case (Mysteryman: All About Eve, Dear Creature, and Green River Killer)
Mysteryman By Livio Ramondelli (Transformers Autocracy)
Mysteryman By Rahsan Ekedal (Echoes, Think Tank)


Mysteryman: All About Eve Interview with Comic Impact


San Diego Comic Con was a blast. I had the good fortune of talking with Simon Daoudi of Comic Impact. We spoke about the book and it’s origins.Click HERE to check it out. This was my first interview as a creator and not going lie, it was a lot of fun. I want to thank Simon and Sheldon and all the crew over at Comic Impact for their support. Check it out, Mysteryman: All About Eve hits stores August 1st.

One Week Out

So we are one week out from Mysteryman: All About Eve’s official release and I couldn’t be more excited. This week we are happy to add two new retailers who will be carrying the book. Phantom of the Attic located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (my first comic shop), and Collector’s Paradise (Both Winnetka and Pasadena locations). Stay tuned as there will be updates (…and maybe a few surprises) throughout the week as we get ever closer to August 1st.

Green River Killer Wins Eisner!!! Congratulations Jonathan!!!

Hey Everyone, San Diego Comic Con 2012 has come and gone. It was a great weekend for the entire Mysteryman: All About Eve creative team. On Saturday, Mysteryman artist Jonathan Case along with Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen won the Eisner for “Best Reality-Based Work” for their fantastic true crime comic, Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, which if you haven’t read, I can not recommend it enough. Congratulations  guys the Eisner is well-deserved.

With the book’s release quickly approaching I spent my Comic Con promoting the book. I met a lot of great fellow creators and was very humbled by their initial reactions to the book. Keep checking back, more updates are on the way. Mysteryman: All About Eve will hit stores August 1st.



Happy Fourth of July! Check out Jonathan’s Website Makeover.

Hi everyone I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Fourth of July. I hope it’s filled with great friends and family, great BBQ, and of course great new comics. I thought I would take a moment to update you on two things. Mysteryman: All About Eve artist Jonathan Case, just gave his site a great makeover, take some time to check it out. It looks awesome. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book from Things From Another World, as we get closer to the August 1st release date keep checking this site as we will be adding more retailers throughout the month. Well that’s it for now. Have a great week. If you see me at San Diego Comic Con be sure to say Hi.


One Month Out.

Hey everyone, we are a little over a month away from the release of Mysteryman: All About Eve. Things are coming together quickly for it’s August 1st release date and it is all very exciting. So what’s new… Thanks to the amazing work of the guys at Epic Digital, Mysteryman: All About Eve will be saving the day in full color. Check it out.

Looks great doesn’t it? And it’s only the beginning.

As I’m currently reaching out to retailers, there will be a retailer page that will be updated through out the month, which will  let you know which stores will be carrying the book. If you don’t see your shop here let me know and I will reach out to them.

Stay tuned and keep checking back as things are going to start ramping up as we get every closer to Mysteryman’s debut.

Congratulations Jonathan!!! With Preview Art

This weekend Mysteryman artist Jonathan Case won not one, but TWO Stumptown Comic Arts Awards.They were for Best Artist, for his work on Green River Killer and Best New Talent for his work on Green River Killer and his creator owned work Dear Creature.

Everyone take a moment to wish him a very well deserved, congratulations!!! While you’re here check out a preview for Mysteryman: All About Eve?

Find out what happens next this August in Mysteryman: All About Eve.

Official Press Release

April 25, 2012-Los Angles, CA- Who is Mysteryman? This August, the world will find out in MYSTERYMAN: ALL ABOUT EVE, a self–published comic from newcomer Matthew Todd, with artwork by 2012 Eisner Nominee Jonathan Case (GREEN RIVER KILLER).

Jack Mason was Hollywood’s top stuntman, on the verge of an above-the-line credit, and all the benefits of the A-List.  Instead, he becomes a victim of the “Red Scare”, and loses everything after being branded a communist. In order to clear his name, Jack decides to play the hero and give Hollywood one heck of a show. As the costumed adventurer Mysteryman, Jack travels a treacherous path through the bright lights and corrupting shadows of Tinseltown. MYSTERYMAN: ALL ABOUT EVE features one of Mysteryman’s earliest exploits as he quickly learns the real-life dangers of acting as a hero.

Both a pulp adventure in the vein of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and a noir reminiscent of L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and THE MALTESE FALCON, MYSTERYMAN: ALL ABOUT EVE is a genre-bending action tale set during a volatile time in American history. For more information, visit