Mysteryman: All About Eve In the Press And Interwebs.

Mysteryman: All About Eve is continuing to get great reviews in the press and podcasting community. Cape Town Community has been a great comic website but they are moving onward and upward to a new website that will be launching in the coming months. For their last podcast they took a few minutes to make Mysteryman their final review. After listening to their review I was sincerely touched by their kind words about the book. You can check it out HERE. Don and Jerry start their review at the 01:11:51 mark.

Comic Impact‘s Pick of the Week podcast spoke very kindly of the book you can check it out, Sheldon and Simon start discussing the book at the 00:46:00 mark.

I decided to post the script to the book in order to give you another look behind the scenes of the creation of a comic book. You can check it out HERE.

Last but most certainly not least I wanted to post a pin-up Mysteryman artist Jonathan Case did of Jack Mason.

If you are still looking for a copy I know they are still available at select RETAILERS and it’s always available digitally HERE.






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