Mysteryman: All About Eve Now Available on Comixology!!!

Well here we go!!!  This is a very good week for Mysteryman and comic fans in general. Why??? San Diego Comic Con is about to begin, the third chapter of Jonathan Case’s wonderful comic, Batman ’66 is released digitally, the first print edition of Batman ’66 hits comic shops…and last but most certainly not least, Mysteryman: All About Eve makes it’s official debut on Comixology.

If you are still looking print copies of Mysteryman: All About Eve are still available at Comics Vs. Toys.

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Mysteryman: All About Eve In the Press And Interwebs.

Mysteryman: All About Eve is continuing to get great reviews in the press and podcasting community. Cape Town Community has been a great comic website but they are moving onward and upward to a new website that will be launching in the coming months. For their last podcast they took a few minutes to make Mysteryman their final review. After listening to their review I was sincerely touched by their kind words about the book. You can check it out HERE. Don and Jerry start their review at the 01:11:51 mark.

Comic Impact‘s Pick of the Week podcast spoke very kindly of the book you can check it out, Sheldon and Simon start discussing the book at the 00:46:00 mark.

I decided to post the script to the book in order to give you another look behind the scenes of the creation of a comic book. You can check it out HERE.

Last but most certainly not least I wanted to post a pin-up Mysteryman artist Jonathan Case did of Jack Mason.

If you are still looking for a copy I know they are still available at select RETAILERS and it’s always available digitally HERE.






Mysteryman: All About Eve Behind the Scenes


Mysteryman: All About Eve has been on shelves for one week. The reaction to the book has been great.  I hope everyone had an opportunity to pick up their copy, either through one of these fine comic retailers or if you are more of the digital persuasion you can get a hi-res PDF of the book directly through this site HERE.

Out today is The Creep #0  which features some stellar art by Mysteryman: All About Eve Artist Jonathan Case. It’s a great noir written by John Arcudi and you don’t want to miss it. So be sure to pick it up.

I thought I would post briefly on all the work that went into creating just one page of the book.  Specifically I wanted to talk about the creation of the very first page. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I love this page because It immediately brings you up to speed as to who Jack Mason is and why he decides to put on the mask.

Script By Matthew Todd

First things first I had to write the script. After numerous drafts, I wanted to tell Mysteryman’s origin as succinctly as possible. If you are looking for a masterful example of a succinct origin, look no further than the  opening page of All Star Superman #1. In three panels Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly tell us everything we need to know about Superman in order to start the story. (And yes I realize that last sentence may have come off like I’m comparing myself to Grant Morrison but believe me I am in no way that bold).

I first learned about comic script formatting by looking at the backmatter of Captain America #34 Director’s Cut Edition. As I was first writing my scripts I would have it open on my desk seeing how Ed Brubaker formatted his scripts. Since then I have tweaked the format a bit and you can check it out below.

Mysteryman: Prelude


PANEL 1: Wide low angle shot of JACK MASON, Mysteryman’s true identity. He’s performing a stunt on a movie set; leaping from the top of a 1940’s Mercedes Benz truck.  He is aiming to knock a NEFARIOUS LOOKING VILLAIN off of his horse.



PANEL 2: Medium shot of Jack in a cheap suit and a skinny black tie. It’s the best suit he could afford. He is sitting at a table with a microphone. He is at a H.U.A.C. (House Un-American Activities Committee) hearing. His expression is a crucible of emotions, mainly confusion mixed with seething rage. He has nothing to say to the committee.


PANEL 3: Medium shot of Jack in complete costume sans domino mask and hood. He is holding the mask in both hands; his expression is a mix of hesitation and anticipation. This is the reflective moment of acceptance before his life changes and he starts on his new path


Thumbnails By Jonathan Case

After Jonathan read the script he did these quick thumbnails, which were great. It’s much easier to make any tweaks and/or adjustments at this stage before your artist commits a lot of time an effort into the pencils.

Pencils By Jonathan Case

As you can see Jonathan’s pencils were incredibly tight. As a first time writer I can not describe the feeling I had when I first opened the email containing this artwork.

Inking By Jonathan Case

Next up… The inks, which really brought the pulpy/noir feeling I envisioned for the book and for a while I actually considered actually releasing the book in black and white.

Coloring By Epic Digital

When I had the opportunity to work with the amazing team at Epic Digital I leapt at the chance. Their coloring really made Jonathan’s already amazing artwork jump of the page and I could not have been happier with their work.

Lettering By Troy Peteri

Last but not least. My letterer Troy Peteri works his magic and places the captions, word balloons, and sound effects on the page. His job is really important as he helps control the where the readers eyes go and the flow of their reading experience. A great letterer is like a great audio department on a film set.

It also allows me as a writer to make any last tweaks to the the script. When you see the completed artwork you can sometimes cut out some of your dialogue or narration because the artwork shows what your words are trying to convey. As a writer it’s kind of great to have this one last pass on your script.

As you can see it takes a considerable amount of time and effort just to create one page of a comic book. I hope you appreciated a small look behind the scenes of Mysteryman: All About Eve. Available now.





Mysteryman: All About Eve Now Available Digitally!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Over the past few days the response to Mysteryman: All About Eve has been fantastic. The question I have been getting the most is, “is it available digitally?”

Starting today, YES it is. Just click on the button below and for a mere 99 cents you to can have your own PDF of the book.

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Mysteryman: All About Eve… Have You Got Your Copy?

Yesterday Mysteryman: All About Eve hit store shelves and so far the response has been pretty darn positive. Do you have your copy???

I need to ask you guys a quick favor…If you see the book on your comic shop’s shelves send me a pic  and I’ll post it.

Today’s artwork comes from the man himself, Jonathan Case. This is Jonathan’s first character sketch of Jack Mason and Mickey Dragna. It was Jonathan’s idea to give Jack a broken nose, . It’s a small touch that adds so much character and makes sense for a stuntman in the early 1950’s.

Curtain’s Up On Mysteryman: All About Eve. In Stores NOW!!!

Mysteryman by Steve Epting (Captain America)

Mysteryman by Steve Epting (Captain America)

Here we go. You can now pick up your copy of Mysteryman: All About Eve at these fine RETAILERS. The curtain’s up and it’s time for Jack Mason to take the spotlight.  For me, a four year journey has come to an end,I hope that another is just beginning

Today’s pin up is something very special and one of my favorite takes on Mysteryman EVER!!! This is a pin up I commissioned at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con from Steve Epting,who’s seminal run on Captain America with Ed Brubaker in my opinion is the definitive take on Steve Rogers.

Pick up your copy of Mysteryman: All About Eve TODAY!!!

Mysteryman: All About Eve in the Press

We are kicking things off a little early. Mysteryman: All About Eve was fortunate to be mentioned on this week’s installment of A Comic Show. I’m very humbled to be mentioned alongside this week’s amazing comics and really appreciate Aaron and Tony taking the time to talk about the book.

We also got our first official review courtesy of Kyle Garret and Comics Bulletin. The book earned a 4/5, but don’t take my word for it. Click HERE to read the full review.

One More Day.

Mysteryman By Sergio Cariello (The Lone Ranger)

Today we are very lucky to feature a pin up by The Lone Ranger artist Sergio Cariello. His  fantastic work with writer Brett Matthews created my favorite take on the character. It was the perfect blend of pulp and western and I can’t recommend their run enough.

Tomorrow Mysteryman: All About Eve will make it’s debut in comic shops on both the east and west coasts. I really can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m feeling an amazing and unique combination of emotions… it’s like the most exciting anxiety you will ever feel. I am so proud of the book and I was so incredibly lucky to have an amazing artist and collaborator in Jonathan Case. He brought his best and you can see it in every panel. I also want to thank my letterer Troy Peteri, my graphic designer Sydnee Davidson, and the entire team at Epic Digital for coloring the book.

We’re not done yet, keep checking back through out the week as we will be adding a lot more exciting content. Tomorrow, if you pick up Mysteryman: All About Eve let me know what you think, either through Twitter @matthewttodd or shoot me an email at

And of course thank YOU for all your support, I hope you enjoy the adventure.